Windows Phone AppHub Developer Account Update - Day 4

Here's the day 4 update on my Windows Phone

  • On Friday I applied for my developer account.  Filled out a couple pages of forms, paid my $100 fee, etc.  I was then emailed to verify my account, I clicked that link and it said my account would be fully verified shortly.
  • On Monday I got an email saying that Shuttr wasn't found in their business database and that I needed to submit additional paperwork to verify my business.  I emailed them back my registered trade name paperwork immediately.  The email said that I would hear back within 1 business day.
  • On Tuesday I never heard anything so at the end of the day I sent them a status update email asking what was going on.
  • It's now mid-Wednesday and I still haven't heard anything.

Off to a slow start.  Hopefully this all gets resolved soon.Update: 2 hours later they responded saying that they received my paperwork.  They stated that it should be verified in another business day.  Sounds good!

Update 2: 4 hours later and I'm approved!  I'm impressed.