Windows Phone 7 development beginning

So Microsoft just launched a cool program for Canadian developers, the Mango App Challenge [] .  Basically, if you write two Windows Phone 7 apps you get a free Windows Phone.  I have plans to develop mobile apps for Shuttr for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone but this contest just pushed Windows Phone to the front of that list instantly!

I added some new RESTful JSON APIs to Shuttr pretty easily.  ASP.NET [http://ASP.NET] MVC makes this dead easy.  I downloaded the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK and created my first application.  Within an hour I had it consuming the API that I had created to display the photographers in the directory.  Pretty cool!

To submit the apps I had to create a Windows App Hub account.  It seems to be the most expensive of the different mobile platforms for a developer account, it's $100/year.  I signed up as a company so that I could release the apps as Shuttr.  Yesterday I got an email asking for more proof of my company so I sent them back my registered trade name papers.  We'll see what happens there.  I've heard of some big delays in Apple's process so I'm hoping Microsoft is a bit faster in approving these accounts.  I'll keep you guys updated.