Shuttr - The Concept

I began taking sports photos after retiring from rowing and needing something new to fill up my spare time. I photographed several of the rowing races in Victoria and began having friends ask if they could buy the photos off of me. I was a Computer Science student at the time so I decided to go all out. I registered [], setup an e-commerce site and threw all of my photos up on the web for purchase.

I began taking on different sports and the site allowed me an easy way to sell my photos. My customers were happy as well which made the job very enjoyable.

Other photographers noticed and began asking questions. How was I doing so well and making it seem effortless? It's all in the website.

The next question they always asked was: Can you sell my photos for me? I always had to say no, but the seed was firmly planted in my head. I knew that I had to launch a site to help photographers sell photos, connect to customers and be discoverable to organizers.

That site is Shuttr.