PET Scan

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. The radioactive glucose was a little bit late from Edmonton. I wasn't supposed to have surgery for 2 weeks before the scan, and this would have been fine, but since they delayed it I had minor surgery the 2 days prior! They said it was okay though because they were both pretty minor, but I was worried for a bit that they might have to delay it for another 2 weeks!

They got me into a small, dark room with a nice recliner chair. They injected the glucose through an IV and I sat still in my chair for about an hour. I just had an hour long nap! Then the scan took about an hour and I went home.

I get my stitches out of my neck next Thursday and then I have my appointment the next Tuesday. I feel free not having too many doctor's appointments coming up! I leave tomorrow morning for the Okanagan with Dawn and I'm very excited about the trip. It will be so nice to get away and relax for a while.