New Relic NuGet package: Automatic building and publishing with TeamCity

I'm a big fan of New Relic ( server/application monitoring and last year I created a NuGet package ( for them. I wanted to make it easy for people to get New Relic going in an Azure environment and NuGet solves that problem. I've used it in production on Shuttr ( ever since. I approached New Relic when I began work on it, but they didn't seem all that interested or maybe I didn't find the right people to talk to. Just last week I was approached by Nick Floyd ( from New Relic with some interest in my NuGet package.

I've decided to open source my package so that New Relic can contribute to it, as well as anybody else who's interested. I've thrown it up on GitHub ( Feel free to fork, send pull requests, add issues, comment on issues, etc.

I also setup a pretty cool automatic build and publishing system using TeamCity and wanted to share the setup. If you're interested in maintaining a NuGet package this is a great way to go.

Add a new build configuration for your project.

On the general settings tab set your artifact path to "output".

Add your VCS settings for your source control system. I use GitHub for the New Relic package which is easy to add.

You will want to add two build steps, one for building the package and one for publishing it to the NuGet gallery [].

The build step runner is of type "NuGet Pack". Make sure to specify your .nuspec file that you want to build here. Set the output directory to "output". This must match the artifact path that you set on the general settings tab.

The publish step runner is of type "NuGet Publish". Set your package to upload to "output/*".

You can get your NuGet API Key from your NuGet account page (

I added a trigger so that this happens automatically on any commit to our GitHub repository.

And that's it, now you'll get your package published automatically into the NuGet gallery on every commit into your source control system!