Mango App Challenge winner!

So a little bit ago my second Windows Phone app was approved.

Here are my two apps up on the Windows Phone Marketplace:

Once the approval came through I filled out the form on the Mango App Challenge page.

I didn't hear anything back for a while, so I contacted Paul Laberge (@plaberge) on Twitter.  He got back to me immediately and before long I was declared a winner!  The phones that they were offering were a bit disappointing, so I have asked to be put on a waiting list for a newer model.  I would like to play with a Windows Phone and I'm kind of a gadget snob.  I like fresh phones, I cannot lie.

Kudos to Microsoft for running a great promotion.  I'm happy that I did it, it gave me the kick in the pants that I needed to get started writing some mobile apps.  Hopefully I'll keep up the pace and get Android and  iOS apps for Shuttr [] released as well.