Lymph Node Biopsy

Yesterday was my neck biopsy and I wasn't really worried about it before going in. Shortly after checking in and getting changed into my gown they came to give me an IV. They stuck it in my hand, missed the vein, moved it around some and I passed out. My Dad said afterwards that I was convulsing and when I woke up there was quite a bit of commotion going on around me, probably about 10 nurses. There was mention of a "code blue in day surgery" sounding on the PA system, I guess that was me! I don't really know what caused it, the same thing happened with my first fine needle aspiration. I've had several IV's lately though and they all went fine. Maybe it was the fasting and dehydration. Dawn showed up just as I was waking up and was wondering what all the commotion was about, I'm glad she wasn't there to see me in convulsions.

I guess they gave up on giving me an IV, so they instead started one a couple hours later when they wheeled me into the operating theatre. It went fine and they said that I would start feeling drowsy, wouldn't remember anything and would probably just go to sleep. I didn't feel any different! They froze my neck with local and began the surgery. It was pretty quick and easy. They wheeled me into the recovery room for 15 minutes or so to watch me, then back to my room for an hour to watch me some more. The pain isn't too bad, it just hurts when I swallow or move my left arm. I can't shower for 2 days now, so I guess I'm switching to baths.