Let the fun begin

I go to a walk-in clinic with my girlfriend Dawn. I show him the lump and he feels it, listens to it with the stethoscope and declares it to be an aneurysm. He jokingly adds that he's glad it's not lymphoma because then he would be telling me that I was about to die. Instead I only had a high chance of dying, either by a blood clot going to my brain or it bursting and causing me to bleed to death within 2 minutes. He calls ahead to the hospital getting surgeons ready to go and my girlfriend's parents drive me to the hospital where my parents will join us.

Once admitted I am given an IV, blood work is done, x-rays are taken of my neck and chest, etc. I am very frightened and so is my family. The emergency doctor requests the help of a specialist and together they determine that it is not an aneurysm, not lymphoma and it is probably just a cyst or swollen lymph node. They send me home with a request for an ultrasound and a referral for an ear, nose and throat specialist.