Mike Cousins

Just say no to your fears!

September 27, 2005

After I was diagnosed I was scared that my PET scan results would come back showing that I had a large spread of cancer. I got the results back and I had a large spread. I’ve been fearing having a low white blood cell count because that would mean I would have to inject myself with Neupogen daily. Today, the doctor told me I have a low white blood cell count and here comes the Neupogen! From now on, I’m going to think happy thoughts and hopefully only good things will happen.

I guess the first chemo really took my bone marrow out and it’s not recovering too well, so they have to delay chemo #2 until next Wednesday. After that I have to inject myself with Neupogen on the 5th, 6th and 7th day following each treatment. Each injection costs $270! Thank you Sun Life!

Written by Mike Cousins who lives and works in Calgary building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter