I want to be sedated

So I get into the hospital for chemo #11 and the nurse decides to put my IV in a vein a little bit up my arm, just above my wrist. It seems to go in alright and she starts pumping saline in and walks away. It starts to hurt quite a bit and I tell my dad, the nurse comes by to check it and my arm is swelling up pretty good. I guess it blew the vein and it wasn't going anywhere good. That hurt so much and when she took out the IV I had to put pressure on it too. Brutal.

I guess my veins weren't too cooperative after that and they had to give me a sedative to try to relax me so that they could get the IV in again. It ended up taking 4 tries after I was given the sedative. The rest of the treatment went by alright though.

I've been pretty sick since then. I hope it will start getting better soon. I got an extra day of anti-nausea medication, but I don't really think it does much good. I seem to feel the same whether I take it or not.

One left!