First Windows Phone 7 application published!

Well, my first application has been published.

My first attempt was a bit of a probe to see what the process is like. I whipped the app together in about an hour and it was quite basic. I wanted to see:

  • If I would be rejected
  • What I would be rejected for
  • What the timelines are like

Turns out I was rejected in about 2 or 3 days for two reasons.  I had no error handling in my data requests so it would crash in airplane mode and I had no progress bars while I was retrieving data from the server!  I put those in last Thursday and submitted it again and today I received my approval.  Pretty cool stuff!My one concern so far is that the time from when I was told that my app was published until it came online was a bit long and there was no feedback on this process.  It took about 8 hours or so, but it's up there now in all of it's glory.

Now to make the photographer app and then move on to Android and iOS.  Halfway to my free phone from the Mango App Challenge []!