Mike Cousins

First visit to Tom Baker

August 18, 2005

I’m back from the doctor finally. I had to get a whole bunch of preliminary stuff done today, more x-rays, bloodwork, urine test, height and weight measured, met the nurse and doctor who will be doing most of the stuff with me, etc. I have my neck biopsy scheduled for the 29th, bone marrow biopsy for the 30th, a PET scan somewhere around there and then chemo/radiation will start after that. Probably about 4 months of chemo and radiation at once.

It turns out that my CAT scans weren’t clean and I actually have a chain of about 6 cancerous lymph nodes. I was super scared when he said that but he said it’s pretty normal and he still considers this to be localized. I told him about my Hawaii trip and he said that we might have to delay treatment until after the trip (I had hoped they could maybe do a cycle before I go), but that Hodgkins is a pretty slow cancer so that it wouldn’t matter too much. I guess it’s all pretty good news then, but I’m not looking forward to it one bit!

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