Mike Cousins


October 25, 2005

It’s 10:30 and I have now finished my last food and drink until dinner time. Anybody who knows me well, knows that this will be a remarkable feat if I pull it off. I have an MRI of my liver at 4:30 and can’t eat or drink 6 hours before! I just had a nice big breakfast and drank some water, we’ll see how it goes! I’m a bit worried about the results, mostly because every result I’ve gotten so far has been worse than I imagined. I’m hoping the chemo has had an effect on it and it’s not looking too bad though.

Last Friday I had my PFT (pulmonary function test). I’ve been having troubles breathing, especially when I workout, and this seems like a common side-effect of Bleomycin. I had to breathe into some fancy tubes for about a half hour, holding my breath, blowing out as hard as possible, etc. The techinician remarked that my results were very good, some of the best he had ever seen. This only frustrated me, because I realize that I have great lungs as I’ve lived a pretty active life, especially when compared to 80 year old cancer patients, but that they have no baseline for ME to compare it to. I wish they did one at the start of chemo so that they have something to compare it to. I’m sure my doctor is just going to say it’s fine and that I’m well above average and put me back on Bleomycin. Argh!

My girlfriend’s mom has been giving me all of my Neupogen shots so far. Realizing that winter is coming up, making daily drives to her house a little improbable, and that either Dawn or I have to give me my shot on Thursday in Victoria, Dawn gave me my shot last night. My mom is going to give me my shot tonight. It’s kind of scary being a guinea pig for this, but Dawn did great last night and I’m sure my mom will too. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give myself one though!

Written by Mike Cousins who lives and works in Calgary building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter