Dr. Gillis #1

Dr. Gillis is my new ear, nose and throat specialist and I arrive to hear the results of the ultrasound. He says that they saw the lump and that he needed a sample from it to figure out what it is. I say great, thinking it will happen another day, and am ready to leave when he starts pullling out needles. I don't like needles and I've already had more than enough for the year, just this last week, so this doesn't make me very happy. He inserts the first needle to freeze the area, then proceeds to insert a second needle into the lump. He pumps the plunger in and out as I become more and more dizzy. After this he tells me he needs to do it twice more. On the third time all I remember is dreaming and woke up with a cold towel on my neck and forehead. I'm feeling weak and shaky from passing out, so I don't end up getting into work.