Chemo #1

It turns out they do all of the chemo through a hand IV, I hate hand IVs! It took a bit to get it in and it never really stopped hurting for the whole 2 hours or so that it was in. Everything else was pretty uneventful. The last drug they gave me made my veins burn all the way up my arm but then they mixed more sugar solution into it and it helped a bit. My Dad, sister and her boyfriend, and my girlfriend all were there with me which was really nice.

Afterwords it wasn't too bad. I had to go to the bathroom lots because of having so much fluid given to me in the IV. The first time it was red too (one of the chemo drugs is bright red and makes your urine red)! I started to feel a little bit sick to my stomach last night, but it wasn't too bad. This morning I woke up with what feels like a really bad hangover. My stomach is a mess and I have a headache. I took my Zofran pill and it helped a bit, but it doesn't seem to make too much difference.