A Wild Weekend

I was in the Okanagan with Dawn for the long weekend, visiting my Grandma, touring some wineries and getting some time on the beach. We stayed at a nice bed & breakfast in Peachland. It was all great except that we were going to hit the beach on Sunday but it was cool and rained a bit so we didn't end up going. We had some excitement the first night when we almost walked right into a black bear on a dirt path by the golf course and on our brisk walk home we walked right past another one in the bushes (maybe 2-3 feet away!). I saw it first and didn't tell Dawn because I thought she would run! Sunday night a coyote got into our bed & breakfast and their dog fought it in the kitchen and pushed it out of the house! Excitement aside, it was a great trip and it was nice to have a little bit of a vacation.