2 Down!

The second chemo didn't seem to be all that bad so far. First couple days weren't that nauseous then it got worse and was pretty bad for about 2 days. By the end of the weekend I was done feeling sick. Now I'm into the "can't sleep even though I want to sleep 20 hours" phase. Fell asleep at about 3am last night and getting up for work this morning was a painful process which didn't work too well!

My chest is painful and I'm really going to have to talk to him seriously about it next Tuesday. I tried going for a bike ride on Sunday and was in quite a bit of pain and completely out of breath after about 10 minutes. I know I'm not in racing shape anymore, but this is getting to be ridiculous!

So, looking ahead there are 10 more treatments and I think it's completely possible I might make it now. This isn't too bad! The only bad things are the tiredness and chest pains but sleeping helps both of them!