I'm Oriented

Just got back from a great session at Tom Baker. My parents, Dawn and Jon all came with me which was really nice. There was about »


As much as I didn't want this to affect my life, it has started to really affect it. I already cancelled on my volleyball team for »

Going to Tom Baker

When I talked to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre yesterday they were pretty surprised at how long it was taking me to get stuff going with »

Back to waiting

Visited my family doctor's backup today. It sounds like I'll need a referral from the diagnosing doctor (Dr. Gillis) and that I might need a tissue »


No, not mine, every doctor in the city of Calgary! I need to get a referral to get into the Tom Baker Center (Calgary's cancer center) »

CAT Scan

My Dad drove me down to High River this morning for the CAT scan. It was pretty uneventful, but drinking that marker doesn't taste too good. »

Cascade Mountain

My friend Dave and I had decided long ago to climb Cascade Mountain, and being the long weekend we set out to do it, cancer or »