Senior Software Developer / July 2014 - present

Startup developing a patient health information communication and storage system. Rewrote an outsourced WinForms desktop app into a modern WPF desktop app. Based on the success of that, I rewrote their Java/Spring/GWT/Tapestry web app into a Node.js/React/Javascript web app. I was engaged in lots of design work on the API/services/data model as well.


Assistant Vice President / July 2012 - July 2014

Promoted to developer lead, providing leadership for 5-15 person multi-disciplinary teams. Promoted to technical lead for our product, responsible for the technical architecture and mentoring/guidance for new team members. Member of the “UI Council”, a two member team shaping the UI/UX of our product. Chosen to represent Markit during client installations, due to my ability to speak with business users about technical topics.